Technical Expertise

Complex Accounting Advisory
Group Audits.  Mergers & Acquisitions.  Hedge Accounting.  
Share Based Payments.  Financial Instruments.  Others.
Technical Expertise

Accounting Standards Have Become More Complex

Accounting Standards have evolved and become more complex over the past few years. Scrutiny by regulators and investors over the financial statements have been increasing. Business models in the New Economy are evolving. These inevitably adds to the difficulties that companies and businesses faced in applying the Accounting Standards.

Accounting Standards is more than just a technical accounting issue

Complying with the Accounting Standards is more than just a technical accounting issue. The Accounting Standards can have a direct and significant impact to a Company’s profitability and operations.

Lee & Hew Financial & Risk Advisory Has the Expertise

Lee & Hew’s Financial & Risk Advisory Team has the Expertise to provide your business the insights and resources to help you comply with the Accounting Standards. Some of the common accounting standards that Lee & Hew can assist you include:

  • Group Audits
  • Mergers & Acquisitions
  • Share-Based Payments
  • Hedge Accounting
  • Financial Instruments & Disclosures
  • Others

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