Singapore GST Filing Due Dates and Requests for Extension

Note: Singapore GST, also know as “Goods and Services Tax” is the equivalent of “Value Added Tax” or VAT in other jurisdictions.

Due Dates and Requests for Extension

What are the obligations of a Singapore GST registered Company?

Singapore GST registered companies are required to e-File your GST returns and pay any tax due by the due dates. You must file a ‘Nil’ GST return even if there is no business activity during the accounting period.

When must a Singapore GST registered Company file and pay for GST?

Both GST returns and payment are due one month after the end of the accounting period covered by the GST return . If you are on GIRO plan for GST payment, GIRO deductions are on the 15th day of the month after the payment due date.

Are there penalties for late filing and late payment of GST by a Singapore Company?

Penalties will be imposed if you are late in filing your GST return and making payment.


Can I request for extensions to the GST filing due date?

All Singapore GST registered companies or business need to put in place systems to track their transactions, and  plan their resources to submit their GST returns on time.

Exceptions will only be made for newly registered businesses and for circumstances that fall within the list of acceptable reasons below.

Acceptable Reasons for Extension

No. Acceptable Reasons Examples of Documents Required Maximum extension granted
1 Newly GST registered company or business (1st GST return) Nil 1 month
2 Fire disaster Police report; Insurance claim 2 weeks
3 Breakdown of computer system IT servicing report
4 Purchase of new accounting software and/or IT system Tax invoice
5 Key accounting personnel on long medical leave (more than 1 week) or hospitalization leave Medical/ hospitalisation certificates


Reasons which regulators will not accept for GST filing extension

No. Reasons Which Are Not Acceptable
1 Staff on maternity leave
2 Director or key accounts personnel is overseas
3 Staff has resigned without proper handover
4 Closing of accounts at year-end
5 New accounts personnel does not know how to handle GST matters
6 No computer
7 Not enough manpower to handle GST matters


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