Financial Services Practice

Specialists in Financial Services Audits & Projects
Banks.  Insurance.  CMS License Holders.  RFMCs.  Others.
Financial Services Expertise

Specialised Expertise – Lee & Hew Financial Services Practice

The Financial Services Industry requires professionals with specialised knowledge.

Lee & Hew Financial Services Practice is a distinct practice that provides solutions to the Financial Services Sectors.

Our highly specialised professionals, Integrated Audit approach ensures that you have Multi-Faceted Solutions that meet the demands of your Business, your Regulators and your other Stakeholders.

Some of our solutions include:

Assurance, Tax & Other Support

  • Financial Statements Audit
  • Other Financial Services Certifications & Attestations
  • Internal Audit
  • Technical Accounting
  • Tax
  • Other Corporate Support Services


Financial & Risk Advisory

  • Financial Services Regulatory Compliance
  • Complex Accounting Advisory
  • Technology Assurance
  • Mergers & Acquisitions
  • Governance & Risk Management
  • Others

Lee & Hew Financial Services Practice – Some of our Sector Expertise

Some of our Financial Services Expertise include:

  • Banks (including Local Banks, Branches of foreign banks, Merchant Banks etc)
  • Insurance
  • CMS License Holders (including Securities Companies, Brokers, Trading, Asset Management Companies, Funds, Fund Managers, Custodians etc)
  • RFMCs

The Lee & Hew Advantage

Here’s why you should choose Lee & Hew:


We know what you are talking about

  • We know your Business, your Industry and your concerns.
  • We have strong Technical Knowledge.
  • We know the demands of your Regulators and Stakeholders.


We have done it before, and still doing it

  • We have strong Credentials in performing Financial Services Projects and working with Financial Institutions.
  • Our Integrated Approach & Multi-Faceted solutions ensures all your Stakeholders’ requirements are met.
  • We have strong experience working with multinational and multicultural teams and professionals working with various professionals.


We are committed to you

  • We are committed to your project.
  • We work with you to adopt Innovative, Efficient and Cost-Effective solutions.
  • We deliver your project On-Time and Within Budget.
Financial Services Expertise


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Our Recognitions and Affiliations

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