Financial & Risk Advisory

Dealing with Challenges in the New Economy.
Governance and Risks.  Business Process Reengineering. Technology Assurance
Internationalisation Strategies.  Mergers & Acquisitions.
Financial & Risk Advisory

Challenges in the New Economy – the Frontier of the Digital Age

You are in the New Economy, the Frontiers of the Digital Age. The business landscape is changing fast, at a rate never seen before. Your business is growing rapidly.

  • New technology is rapidly rendering old business models obsolete. The need to adopt new process and new technology is urgent.
  • Business models are changing, your operations are changing and accounting standards and regulations are responding to these changes too. The need for specialist advice to comply is great.
  • You find yourself competing for market share against giant corporations that have enormous resources at their disposal. You have the urgency to achieve the scale or niche to compete effectively. Critical decisions on Internalisation or Mergers and Acquisitions are among the options.
  • As Systems become more interconnected to achieve higher levels of effectiveness and efficiency, moving up the technology curve has come along with New Risks. We see phishing mails every day, we hear of security breaches so often and Ransomwares locking down systems. But theft of trade secrets, confidential information, and your customer’s confidential information can occur in an extremely low profile manner and without you noticing. The need to secure your systems is greater than ever.
  • To thrive in this New Economy, and to seize the opportunities, you need Capital, Funds and Investments. Listing is among the myriad of options that you have. New Funds has comes along with new obligations to comply with.

Lee & Hew’s Expertise for the New Economy

Lee & Hew is here to help you thrive in this New Economy. With a worldwide network of 800 professional firms in 44 countries in 5 continents, we support you globally, wherever you are. We understand your needs and your responsibilities. Our Expertise, Methodical approach and our One-Stop Services offerings, taken onto a Global level, ensures that you get the Excellent service that is Fully Calibrated to your needs. Trust, Credibility, Expertise and the desire to serve you with Integrity is a given.

We understand the New Economy. We understand the challenges of this Digital Age. We understand your obligations. Our team of subject-matter experts and industry specialists will help you succeed through our insights and innovative solutions.

Lee & Hew’s Practical & Innovative Solutions for the New Economy

Lee & Hew’s Financial & Risk Advisory Practice offers a full suite of Expansion and Growth solutions to help you deal with the challenges of this New Economy. They include:

  • Governance and Risk Advisory
  • Complex Accounting Advisory
  • Business Process Reengineering Consultancy
  • Internationalisation Strategies Advisory
  • Mergers and Acquisitions Advisory & Support:
    • Deal structuring
    • Deals advisory
    • Transactions financial, operational and legal due diligence & liaison
    • Valuation support
    • Post-merger integration and consultancy
  • Technology Assurance & Cyber Security Advisory and Implementation
  • Regulatory Compliance Advisory
  • Management Consultancy

Our Recognitions and Affiliations

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