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Lee & Hew Public Accounting Corporation is an independent partner firm of ETL Global. Collectively we have a worldwide network of more than 1,000 firms across all continents to support your needs. [Find out more]

About Lee & Hew Public Accounting Corporation

Lee & Hew is a full-serviced professional services provider focused in delivering Trust to the market through our focus in quality.

By virtue of being a registered auditor in Singapore, Lee & Hew Public Accounting Corporation is regulated under the Singapore Accountant’s Act and is under direct oversight from the regulators in Singapore.

Our Services

Lee & Hew is a specialist organisation focused in providing premium services in Accounting, Audit, Tax Advisory, Tax Compliance and Corporate Secretarial services.

Lee & Hew is also specialised in providing Advisory Services such Valuation and Regulatory Compliance services etc. 

Our Industry & Specialisations

Lee & Hew is known in the market as a specialisation organisation that specialises in industries such as the Financial Services (including Fund Management & Insurance etc), to Shipping, Real Estate and more.

We are also Specialists in Group Accounting & Consolidation, Merger & Acquisition Accounting, Group Audits etc.

Starting in Singapore

Lee & Hew Public Accounting Corporation is a specialist in Singapore Company Law and Local Legislations and Regulations. 

We can provide you with in-depth insights with regards to Tax Laws and Legislations as well as Singapore’s regulatory environment and regulations in general. [Find out more]

Let us help you get your business started.

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160 Robinson Road #18-09
 SBF Centre Singapore 068914
 +65 6817 6699
 +65 9126 0056
 +65 8189 6291
+65 6717 8801


2A Jalan Stesen Sentral 2,        #31-BC-19, Q Sentral
Kuala Lumpur Sentral, 50470 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
+60 111 777 0773
 +65 9126 0056
 +65 8189 6291
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Lee & Hew Welcomes All Talents Who Share Our Core Values To Join Our Dynamic Team

Lee & Hew welcomes all talented and dynamic individuals and team players who share our Core Values to come on-board.
Lee & Hew is a fast growing organization. Learning opportunities are abundant and you will be provided the room to grow and contribute.
You will be provided ample opportunities to demonstrate your abilities, capabilities, your talents and your dynamism.
We are an equal opportunity employer where everyone is assessed equally with no regard to gender, age, race etc.
If you have what it takes to lift our already talented team, we welcome you to join us for a discussion.
Send us an email at hr@leeandhew.com.sg
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