Industries & Specialisations

From Financial Services (including Fund Management & Insurance), to Shipping, Real Estate.
We are also Group Accounting & Consolidation, Merger & Acquisition Accounting, Group Audits and more.

Our Expertise

We are specialists in handling large global audits and working with multicultural local auditors and other professionals.

We thrive in complexity.
We are specialists in handling complex accounting and auditing matters.

We understand your industry, your business, and speaks your common language.

Corporate Groups 

(Group Accounting, Consolidation, Mergers & Acquisition Accounting, Group Audits and etc.)


Financial Services 

(Includes Regulatory Advisory, IT Assurance, and regular Bookkeeping, Auditing, Tax and Corporate Secretarial Services)

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Accounting Advisory 

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Financial Services and Wealth Management



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Investment and Trust Companies

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Real Estate

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Shipping & Logistics

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Arts and Creative Industry

Lee Hew Retail


Lee Hew Manufacturing Others

Manufacturing and Others


Medical and Pharmaceuticals

Our Recognitions and Affiliations